Very Preliminary Program

Conference topics

I. Smart Approach for optical fiber sensors networks in smart buildings, cities or territories and smart grids (Surveillance, energy saving, security, quality of life, health, IoT and IIoT Apps, …)

II. Structural Health Monitoring

(Applications: Bridges, dams, dikes, railways, roads, buildings, …)

III.          Avionics, military & Space  (Harsh environment, mobile systems and embedded fiber optic sensors (Applications and technologies)

IV. Emerging Technologies or applications for future guided optic sensor systems

VII.Performance, reliability, metrology and standardization of fiber optic sensor systems (from the installation of passive and active equipment to their maintenance, including fiber sensing photonics, sensing fiber and sensing cables)


Each year, the Guided Optics & Sensor Systems conference (GO2S®) converges the players in the field of optical fiber into its sensor application. After GO2S 2019, which took place in Paris, at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, Action and Public Accounts, then GO2S 2020 at the Hôtel de Region LYON Confluence, GO2S 2021 will be held at Institut d’Optique in Bordeaux.